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"My experience with 1PLACE is wonderful. It provides an open platform that makes easier for agents to reach out to potential clients and interacts with both sides. This is the future trend for agents to do business."

- Danny

"1PLACE has made my experience with finding clients and providing them with property very wonderful! The interface is easy to use and there is a steady flow of clients."

- Milly (Lee Tung Co Ltd)

"I love using this app. I got a viewing the first day I started using it and still communicating with many active clients at the moment. It is very easy to use and very convenient. You can find clients on the go. Thank you 1PLACE."

- Kristina D.

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More Deals
Who says no to more leads?
1Place helps you get new clients to increase the chance of a deal!
Deals come in 24 hours.
Reply and respond to clients at your own pace and speed.
Visible clients' needs
See all the details of a client's needs so you can find the perfect property to close the deal!
Client alerts
Get instant notification when clients are looking for properties in your area.
Multimedia Chat
If clients like your property, they can connect, start chatting with you and schedule viewings.
Get proactive!
Smart Settings
Only get alerts in your specified areas and price ranges.
No more upfront payments before connecting with a client.
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